The modules within the course have been developed by experts in each particular field, whose conflicts of interest are listed below: 


Hugh Montgomery is a co-applicant on a patent for a fluid delivery device.


Monty Mythen is:

  • Director UCL Discovery Lab
  • Paid Consultant for Deltex
  • Paid Consultant for Edwards LifeSciences
  • University Chair Sponsor at UCL by Smiths Medical
  • Director Bloomsbury Innovation Group (BiG) – a subsidiary of the UCLH Charity
  • Share holder and Scientific Advisor Medical Defense Technologies LLC (Gastrostim and Entarik).
  • Patent holder “QUENCH”
  • Chair, Advisory Board American Society of Enhanced Recovery
  • GIFTASUP guidelines – Senior Author
  • NICE – Expert Advsior IV Fluids – Guideline 174
  • Member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists

Module Authors

Water and Hydration

  • Hugh Montgomery
  • Alistair Connell

Hydration in Care Homes

  • Lisa Wilson
  • Hugh Montgomery
  • Alistair Connell

Perioperative Hydration

  • Monty Mythen
  • Kirsty McPherson
  • Su Ng
  • Hugh Montgomery
  • Alistair Connell

Hydration and Physical Activity

  • Ron Maughan
  • Daniel Broman
  • Hugh Montgomery
  • Alistair Connell

In Collaboration With